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Turks & Caicos Islands tourist information

Turks & Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands, aptly proclaimed “Beautiful by Nature,” are famous for their unspoiled white sandy beaches which cover more than 230 miles and also the turquoise crystal waters that surround them. These Caribbean islands are situated 575 miles southeast of Miami and 90 miles east of Cuba.

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Dependent Territory and comprise eight major islands and over 40 cays (pronounced keys).  The capital is Grand Turk. Most of the islands are only about 10 to 25 minutes by air from Providenciales (known as Provo) and can be reached by boat also. There are also daily ferries to North and Middle Caicos.

Providenciales is the best known of the Turks and Caicos Islands and is the centre of the tourism industry with a wide range of hotels, restaurants, attractions and facilities.

Grand Turk and Salt Cay offer a glimpse into Caribbean history with great Bermudian architecture and a rustic charm as well as some of the best diving and probably the most relaxing time you will ever have. Grand Turk is also home to a brand new cruise ship centre.

Middle Caicos and North Caicos represent the best of the environment, with lush green woodlands, the biggest cave network in the Caribbean on Middle Caicos, Cottage Pond and Flamingo Pond in North Caicos and a vast range of plant life and birdlife. North Caicos is also an up-and-coming resort destination with several new projects under development.

South Caicos is the centre for fishing, with lobster and conch exported from the islands, the historic Cockburn harbor and the natural phenomenon of the boiling hole. This small yet friendly island offers many secluded beaches with awe-inspiring views of the turquoise waters and surrounding islands.

Parrot Cay and Pine Cay are privately owned islands and are home to the most exclusive resorts Parrot Cay Resort and Spa and the Meridian Club.

Only East Caicos now remains uninhabited

Sunny and relatively dry moderated by constant trade winds. June to October average highs are 79-90F (26-32C) with sea temperatures around 79-82F (26-28C); November to May average temperatures are 73-82F (23-28C) with sea temperatures of 73-78F (23-25C).

Entering TCI
All visitors must hold a round trip ticket and a valid passport. Visitors are allowed to stay for 90 days.

English is the official language of TCI.

US dollar is the official currency and major credit cards are widely accepted. Banks offer ATMs.

Mobile phones
Most mobile phones on 4G will work. Wifi is available at Reef Tides and widely on island.

No vaccinations are required, there are no endemic diseases.

Water on Provo is desalinated rain or sea water so not recommended for drinking. Bottled water is widely available.


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